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We are a breed of innovative gurus

We employ only the best in our products

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Customer Centric

We tailor solutions for our customers and grow with them

Ever evolving

We are vigilant in updates in our clients' industry so our clients never gets hurdled by technical challenges

Innovative as our core

We defy comfort zone with never-seen-before solutions to bring uniqueness to our clients

Who are we

Why choose us?


NewType is an agile company with UI/UX designers, web developers, app programmers, product managers, and AGILE masters. Driven by their passion to innovate, our team optimize the potential of every solution and provide the best solution and service to our clients


NewType aims to be the leader in the Internet, Multimedia, and eCommerce so we do not just sell products to our customers but become a technical service provider to them.

How it works

We ensure high-quality and comprehensive services.

To achieve optimal efficiency and ROI for our customers.

Application Support

Be it desktop or laptop, NewType provides the most efficient maintenance and repair. We also provide purchasing, setup, software installation, and maintenance services

Application Development

With a team of web developers, UI/UX designers, and database administrators, we provide web design and programming services, as well as SEO consultancy to maximize client's exposure on the Internet

Mobile app Development

We interact with clients to collect requirements and feedback with professional ideas before fabricating the best mobile app possible. Regular progress reports are also provided so launch schedules are mutually agreed upon and never missed.

System Development

System are developed in alignment with customers' mission and vision to ensure compatibility, ease-of-use and future-friendliness while resolving any pain point the customer may face

Game Development

NewType understands the taste of clients' expected audience to develop entertaining games for various target segments

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